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Artist Statement

I paint healing mandala rocks for altars, ceremonies, gardens, meditation, grounding, and healing. Special rocks call to me in my explorations of the Earth Mother. I call them Spirit Talks Power Rocks.

I paint each one according to the divine blueprint of each individual rock person. The healing powers of these rocks come from the ancient wisdom embodied in the nature of the rock and the special geometric designs that appear when we interact. Spirit rocks heal us and the planet as they reflect the divine essence of life, love, and light.

One needs to look, touch, and hold them to feel their healing power.

Art Education:

My training comes from within. I studied art in high school and college, but I developed my mandala techniques from spiritual attunement rather than training. My attunement began on the mountaintops of Eastern Oregon when I worked on a fire lookout, living alone and communing with nature for weeks at a time. I spontaneously began drawing mandalas after reading “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East” while camping near Crater Lake. Later studies included ten years as a practitioner in a spiritual community directed by the teachings of the Ascended Masters, meditating and chanting for hours a day while living in celibacy, and raising two children as a single parent.

About nine years ago I felt my energy go outward; I left the community and began dancing the Dances of Universal Peace. After that I started painting Spirit Rocks. My husband, Robert Gluckson and I lead Mandala Playshops.


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