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Creating Mandala Rocks

I like to walk by the rivers and beaches to find smooth, nicely shaped and colored rocks. They seem to call out “I am a power rock.” I pick them up and take them home, one by one.

Before I begin painting, I touch each rock and get a sense of its essence. I hold them and feel their individual, unique energy.

Then I start the painting. As I look at the rock I start seeing a design that comes out of the rock. I start at that place and build upon it, beginning to create what I feel is the geometric energetic form of that particular rock. Each rock is communicating to me in a language that brings the geometric, unseen life of the rock being (person) to light; life so that others can see it.

These rocks are very healing and I have seen that each one calls out to special people. When I show the rocks each person is attracted to certain ones.

Painting them is very focusing -- a healing meditative process.

This creative, meditative experience becomes part of the rock. The rocks have been used to focus energy in meetings. People place them on altars to represent the four elements or spiritual traditions. A rock sitting by the entryway of a home helps creates a positive state of mind. Some folks find rock “allies” helpful for meditation. They often find a home in the garden. Alternative healers find the Spirit Rocks hold sacred space for their offices and healing rooms.

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